Historically, we've been a personal software company specializing in MS Visual Basic 6 ("Classic") applications, WinBatch scripts and cross-platform REALbasic desktop and web applications for instrument control and data processing. We still exist, but we've been winding down for the last few years and are no longer accepting new clients. Existing clients may contact Richard Keller for information and support.

What's New

This Much I Know

A microblog of random facts, observations, and discoveries that are otherwise difficult to look up — November 18, 2018

Using an old Mac as a Time Machine server

All you really need to set up a Time Machine server is a shared folder — February 22, 2018

Waf Introduction

A brief introduction to the meta-build system Waf — March 17, 2017


A simple responsive ASCII chart without advertising — January 27, 2016

Using Version Control with REAL Studio

REAL Studio, on the surface, might not appear to be conducive to a professional development environment with a version control system. The functionality you need, however, does in fact exist, and here's one way to use it. — June 15, 2010